Survey results

Montfort announces the architects for Orléans Health Hub
15 August 2019
120 participants attend the Orléans Health Hub town hall session
15 August 2019

From March 17 to April 6, 2017, the Orléans Health Hub coordination team organized an online survey to obtain the opinion of future Hub users on a variety of topics such as appointment scheduling and follow-up reminders, parking, or videoconference consultations.

In total, 476 residents of Orléans responded to the survey, 29% in French and 71% in English.

The results of this survey are of great importance and are now guiding the Health Hub coordination team. For example:

People said that they would like…The Health Hub Team is listening!
… free parking.We continue to plan for free and convenient parking, and for sufficient number of spaces.
… a convenient drop-off area.The entrance of the Health Hub should meet all these demands by being covered, with places to sit, help available for non-mobile patients if necessary, and short-term parking.
… give their personal information only once, at the time of registration.We work to ensure that visitor data is shared in a protected manner among all participating partners; visitors should be able to complete their file in person or online.
… more options in making appointments.  We plan for some programs to be open in the evenings and on weekends; visitors should be able to make their appointments and receive reminders by phone, text message, email or online.
… able to meet several specialists in one visit. The Health Hub will house several care services and our objective is that the client can meet several specialists during the same visit.
… the least possible wait times.  We plan that access to our services will be fast. The visitor should know his or her waiting time.
… a pleasant environment. In addition to the reception and waiting areas in each program, the Health Hub will include an outdoor garden, a café and a pleasant reception area. Wireless Internet access (wi-fi) should be free of charge throughout the building.