Radiography (X-Ray)

Temporarily, due to the pandemic, walk-in x-rays are not available at the moment. X-rays with appointments are still available. Thank you for your understanding. 

The purpose of a diagnostic x-ray is to help the physician make a diagnosis. Basic radiology are pictures taken with x-rays. They show internal parts of the human body with the help of radiation that passes through it.

Denser tissues such as bone absorb more radiation (white on the film) while gas-filled or less dense spaces are darker (black on the film).

The rays that pass through the body form a black and white image on a specialized digital receiver.

Once the exam is completed, the radiologist will interpret the results, which will be sent to the referring physician and your family physician. The results will also be available on the patient portal.

This service is available at the Orléans Health Hub and Hôpital Montfort. 

For referring physicians: To refer a patient to the Orléans Health Hub's medical imaging services, you may use the Ocean eReferral Network portal. Paper requests are also accepted. 

Hôpital Montfort

This service at the Orléans Health Hub is offered by Hôpital Montfort.

This service requires a medical referral.



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